Press Release

We’re very excited to be able to announce our travel series about Nova Scotia “Experience Nova Scotia” will air beginning Sunday, January 19 at 1:30pm on Eastlink Community TV with repeats on Tues and Thurs at 1:30pm for length of the series of 6 weeks, then the whole series repeats again for another 6 weeks. EastLink Community TV serves 330,000 TV subscribers in nine provinces.

The series follows the journeys of filmmaker Blair Thornton and photographer Carolyn Stampeen as they travel around Canada’s Ocean Playground to reveal amazing experiences to be had, from the world-class Keltic Lodge Resort at one end, to a whale-watching paradise at the other end. Blair is a native of Amherst, Nova Scotia, and Carolyn has grown up all across Canada, and has a special love for Nova Scotia.


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